Neth Nom





Story. Character. Fashion.

Bush + Leavenworth founder, Neth Nom, can’t resist a great story. Neth lived at the cross streets of Bush and Leavenworth in San Francisco while studying animation in college. Having worked at animation studios such as Disney, Sony and Pixar on Oscar-winning films since then, he has been behind-the-scenes in filmmaking for many years. If nothing more, animation has taught him that story is the key component to making a good movie. So, why shouldn’t story also be the key component to designing innovative menswear? 



Bush + Leavenworth apparel is made in the United States and is of exceptional quality. We take great care to bring you the finest products at the best price. Each piece plays a distinct role in the collection’s story, and is tailored-made. This means that with the ability to control the tailoring on each piece, Bush + Leavenworth designers achieve perfection in fit, comfort and sensibility. Our goal is to bring you fine, limited-edition American-made clothes that are uniquely positioned as part of a great story. 

Photographs by : Luke Martorelli & Simon Christen